California Safari | Venice Beach, California: Future Dreaming
California Safari is a travel adventure that helps students with an interest in understanding American business principles, economic ideas, and values and practices of innovators with a historical and comparative perspective.
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Venice Beach, California: Future Dreaming

Venice Beach, California: Future Dreaming
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Blessed by wonderful weather and incredible ocean front sunset views, people come to Venice Beach to get away from their humdrum lives, to get creative and be inspired by people living life to the fullest.

What will you find in Venice Beach?

The Boardwalk is the promenade that you MUST walk down to see and be seen. Be sure to bring your selfie stick to catch those moments that have to be snapped to be believed. On the Ocean Front Walk along the oceanfront, you’ll see Muscle Beach, the handball courts, the paddle tennis courts, Skate Dancing plaza, the numerous beach volleyball courts, the bike trail and the basketball courts! Now famous NBA players were developed or recruited from these courts.

To watch surfing you want to check out Venice Breakwater which lies north of the Venice Pier and Lifeguard Headquarters, but pick your time of day as the waves are not under anyone’s control, and the surfers are out when the waves are just right.

Who has lived in Venice Beach?

Julia Roberts, Kate Beckinsale, and Anjelica Huston are some of the world famous actresses who have had residences here.

Famous actors Nicolas Cage, Robert Downey Jr, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, and film directors Henry Jaglom and Paul Mazursky have lived here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, played “The Terminator” at the peak of his acting career, which started when he was discovered as a bodybuilder at Venice’s Gold’s Gym and Muscle Beach.

Artists love Venice, and many musicians have called this home:
● Perry Farrell
● Evidence of Dilated Peoples
● Saint John of Saint John and the Revelations
● Joshua Kadison
● John Lydon
● Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth from Survivor
● John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
● Fiona Apple
● Mike Muir and most of his Suicidal Tendencies bandmates
● Jim Morrison
● Immature (now IMx), an R&B group from the 1990s, used to perform on the boardwalk.

Graffiti/Street Artist and painter Jean-Michel Basquiat lived in Venice in the 80’s. South Park co-creator Matthew Richard “Matt” Stone also lives in Venice.

Did you know that Venice is a center of poetry and art AND for social change?

This is a place where people care for people. And that sense of community gives Venice a vibe and buzz that you have to be here to experience, so you can think about what it will take to bring Venice Beach back to your hometown.

Many social enterprises here look after the people. The largest free clinic in the US, Venice Family Clinic, is located here, so is the Venice Community Housing Corporation which provides housing, social services and economic opportunities to low-income residents.

Future Dreaming on Venice Beach

Venice Beach is different, ‘Whoa!’ is it different! This is a place that makes space for you to dream. Watch the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean and imagine the future you want to see.

Join us at California Safari so that you can capture the experience of being on Venice Beach and make it part of a dream that you will make come true. We will help you put a foundation under that dream and help you set a path to make it happen. And then you can come back to Venice Beach and remember what it was like, where it all started.

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