California Safari | The California Safari Journey Overview
California Safari is a travel adventure that helps students with an interest in understanding American business principles, economic ideas, and values and practices of innovators with a historical and comparative perspective.
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The California Safari Journey Overview

Whether you are playing or studying with the CEO of a company you may one day work at, all Safari attendees will meet lifelong new friends, living together in an exciting environment, eating in the dining halls where legendary Silicon Valley graduates and Hollywood stars have eaten, and engaging with an extraordinary community of students from around the world.


Join the Adventure


  • Learn Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Visit Silicon Valley-based companies
  • Experience Hollywood


Experience New Discoveries


  • Learn effective team-building skills
  • Undertake a designated Team Project that can change the world
  • Attend Meet-ups to network with other participants


Immerse Yourself in the Future!


  • Get Tips and techniques from top-rated Stanford and UC Berkeley professors
  • Meet Entrepreneurs, VC’s, Lawyers, Finance Wizards, Marketers from around the USA and around the world
  • Become part of the SV Safari Network, a membership you will be an exclusive part of for the rest of your life




California Safari is designed for students with interests in building leadership skills, learning about foreign relations, studying technology and innovation, and possibly even developing their own startup company. Our program encompasses many fun daily activities, including participation in a startup pitch simulation.


Recognition and Awards


Throughout your Safari, each participant will be creating a portfolio of assignments, projects, learning, and achievements. A full record of your activities will be created so that you can refer back to for inspiration and networking. All Safari participants will receive a well-deserved Connected Leader Certificate during a celebratory Red Carpet event to be held at the prestigious UCLA School of Film & Television, Los Angeles, California.




As a program administered by talented professors from Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, and LMU, as well as talented Hollywood publicists, red carpet hosts, producers, musicians, cinematographers, directors and actors; students can expect a first-rate summer experience studying in prestigious campus lecture halls and classrooms, or on-site at a Silicon Valley-based workshop like PARC or the famed Plug and Play Tech Center. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Plug and Play Tech Center is a global accelerator that specializes in growing tech startups. (Silicon Valley in a Box)

Thank you for your interest in California Safari!

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