California Safari | Mei Lin Fung, Cofounder of California Safari Board of Directors, National University of Singapore America Foundation
California Safari is a travel adventure that helps students with an interest in understanding American business principles, economic ideas, and values and practices of innovators with a historical and comparative perspective.
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Mei Lin Fung, Cofounder of California Safari
Board of Directors, National University of Singapore America Foundation

The California Safari Program draws from top professors in the top schools around the world. 

Mei Lin Fung has been exploring the use of software video and digital media in the development of new community-driven engines for innovation in the 21st Century. She was the final business partner of Dr. Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, known as the “Father of Collaborative Computing.” She represented Engelbart’s conceptual framework of “Networked Improvement Communities” in her work as Socio-Technical Lead for the US Department of Defense Health Futures Initiative from 2009-2013 where she designed workshops and Learning Labs for Federal civil servants, policy makers and officials up to and including the Air Force, Navy and Army Surgeon Generals.


Mei Lin worked with the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship to set up the first Registered Apprenticeship in Customer Care in the nation, and pioneered the establishment of the national registration for Wellness Coach Apprenticeships by working with officials in the US Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense as well as the Office of the US Surgeon General.


IMG_8503Mei Lin worked as a software programmer and in Operations Research at Shell Australia, giving her rare hands-on experience with using scenario planning to guide decision-making for complex long-term operations. At MIT, she studied under Future Nobel Economics Prize winners Franco Modigliani and Robert Merton, also under Finance professor Fisher Black, known for the Black-Scholes Options Pricing model. She worked at Intel and Oracle, where she was one of the early pioneers of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) industry, working with Tom Siebel, founder of Siebel Systems and Marc Benioff, founder of SalesForce. Her experience with innovators who transformed industries gives her deep appreciation for the people behind the systems, and the importance of designing in compassion and empathy if we want systems that can evolve. She is chairman of the Institute for Service Organization Excellence. Mei Lin hosts the Television Show “Just Picture It” and co-produces FutureTalk, over 60 episodes of these programs can be viewed at


Mei Lin holds a Masters degree from MIT in Management, majoring in Finance. Her undergraduate degree in Pure Mathematics is from the Australian National University. She is on the Board of directors of the National University of Singapore America Foundation. She is the Unit Coordinator for the California Health MRC and co-founder of Franchise for Humanity which was launched at the Global Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley 2014. Mei Lin is responsible for Global Network Outreach for Future Health Professional.

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Mei Lin Fung

Silicon Valley representative

Welcome to Ground Zero for the Future

Learn to Live in the Future

On a beautiful sunny day on the Stanford campus we are learning to connect to others to do a better job to team up to build a better future – come join us at California Safari so you can be part of our network for life.

Making Meetings Effective using Visual Pictures

Mei Lin and Martin Wasserman speak with David Sibbet the author of Visual Meetings. He later wrote Visual Teams and Visual Leadership: Mei Lin and David Sibbet worked together on the Future of Health think tank organized by the US government bringing leaders in the health arena to imagine health in 2025 and 2045.

Just Picture It

Mei Lin Fung and David Sibbet explore how visual images helped the San Francisco Presidio, National Semiconductor and Yosemite Valley do long term planning. Pictures can bring to life the “difficult to explain” ideas  and deepen discussion and dialogue between groups of people with different agendas.

It’s about Time

John Furey, founder of MindTime, and Mei Lin Fung talk about time and how we interact. John Furer visualize how different people have different patterns of thinking: Past, Present and Future. By understanding these differences, we can better collaborate. We can reduce conflict between people when we understand past orientation (what’s the history?) present orientation (what’s the status?) and future (what will it look like when its done?). All three types of thinking are needed in all projects and can contribute to success.

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