California Safari is a travel adventure that helps students with an interest in understanding American business principles, economic ideas, and values and practices of innovators with a historical and comparative perspective.
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Innovation & Inspiration


As a Safari participant you will be immersed in Silicon Valley – our people, our institutions and our ideas.


Learn insights from top professors about the secrets of success for 21st century enterprises.


Hands on experience and direct intense  person to person interaction will change your thinking and your life.


By engaging with people pursuing their heart-felt dreams you will  sense the commitment and the excitement of inventing the  future.


Discover people who have come from the world to improve themselves and the lives of others.


You will imagine and then create the projects with your teams.


The connections and the people you will meet will become lifetime friends, colleagues and business partners.


The inspiration you gather during the time you are here will deeply influence your future.


Make the most of the possibilities of your life. Be Inspired!


The Silicon Valley-based portion of the California Safari will help students with an interest in understanding American business principles, economic ideas, and values and practices of innovators with a historical and comparative perspective. Learn about the invention of the Internet from those that were there when it was created, in the same buildings where it was nurtured and first introduced to the world. Using and critiquing important elements of American innovation, California Safari adventurers move on to consider potential solutions for the problems facing the world, and what they can do about them.


Students learn key ideas in economic, legal, and political theory that are the basis for understanding business social systems well beyond the borders of the United States. Drawing on our faculty’s exceptional academic traditions, seminars in Silicon Valley are given by faculty including:


  • Tom Kosnik, Stanford Engineering Department, coauthor of “Gear UP,” one of the text books studied at Stanford University;  
  • Naeem Zafar, Professor at Brown University, San Francisco University and University of California Berkeley, author, innovator, and startup guru who recently sold his company Bitzer Mobile to Oracle
  • Rick Rasmussen, Angel Investor, and
  • Mei Lin Fung, Cofounder of California Safari


Lectures and workshops cover topics such as business principles, business etiquette and operations, ethical and legal considerations, communication, service leadership, the new economy and the potential of mobile Internet technologies. 


Students complete daily assignments and are asked to present their findings to instructors and fellow students throughout the Safari. They will also learn about relevant career paths from faculty and practitioners, and build a toolkit of critical skills for their future.


Given the interdisciplinary focus of the session to include American success stories, innovation and entrepreneurship, students who have strong academic and extracurricular interests in economics, politics, and business strategy are encouraged to apply, as are students who are interested in further developing their knowledge in the social sciences and applying it to contemporary issues.


In addition to tours of Stanford University, University of California Berkeley and Palo Alto’s Plug and Play, Safari students will also have the opportunity to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, visit San Francisco, and see many of the historical global company headquarters based in the Silicon Valley.


Thank you for your interest in California Safari!

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