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California Safari is a travel adventure that helps students with an interest in understanding American business principles, economic ideas, and values and practices of innovators with a historical and comparative perspective.
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Denise O’Brien | Testimonials

We’re thankful for the reviews received over time.  People have a lot of great things to say about us.   Here are just a few samples.   Let’s add you to the list…

Stefano Riznyk


I love Denise’s enthusiasm about her work as well as her PR writing skills…her press releases are simply electric. I also enjoy her thoroughness; she will fully research something before putting pen to paper. You will not be disappointed.

Jon Woodward,
Author, Filmmaker, Comedian, Actor, Hollywood, California


Denise O’Brien is one of those very rare, exceptional people in the public relations industry. She knows what she is doing and she does it better than just about anyone else. Denise has been my publicist for nearly five years now; she handles by PR for my books, motion pictures, and just about anything I do in my life as a celebrity in Hollywood and beyond. Honestly, I could not imagine my career and my life without Denise O’Brien; she’s an incredible talented, gifted woman who puts her all and everything she does she gives 100% as a publicist. She is an amazing event organizer and producer, Mistress of Ceremonies, and businesswoman extraordinaire.

Robert Sun
Senior Paralegal and Licensed Legal Document Assistant at Judy Lynn Shields Paralegal Services


Denise O’Brien is a great PR expert and she has done a lot of good work for the American-Chinese CEO Society. She is a very good connector for us into the mainstream of Hollywood, and also the American businesses. She has helped many large US companies in promoting their image, brand and business into the mainstream. She is very experienced and has been in this business over 30 years. She is the beauty of California, a Miss California.


Executive Post Graduate Courses
Peak Potentials/T. Harv Eker Training

Valeria von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett
President and Founder of the Valeria ROVALUTION Company, Editor-in-Chief of the FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS Magazine


Dear Denise O’Brien, you are a phenomenal beauty. Thank you for being a part of our special Authenticity Issue/2016 White Edition of the FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS Magazine! Denise, it is an honor to have you in our special issue on Authenticity!

Valeria von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett
International Celebrity Fashion Designer, Hollywood, California


During the past two years I have worked with Denise, and DOME Entertainment, on numerous and different kinds of projects, in both a personal and professional aspect. On a personal note, friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain, it is not something you are taught in school. If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learnt anything. I have learnt friendship, all by being around Denise. I have accepted what I have become, and I’m still gently growing.
Professionally, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience by simply watching how she works. Denise has always displayed a high degree of integrity and is definitely a leader rather than a follower.
Denise without a doubt is an excellent mentor. She has so much professional knowledge and expertise in what she does, is totally committed to being successful, and is willingly to share this with others; she is the perfect role model in taking California Safari forward.
I am looking forward to working with Denise, and DOME in several future international projects.

Carolyn Darling
Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and Founder of Take Care Darling, Los Angeles, California


Hello, I’m Carolyn Darling, a Fairy Godmother and creator of Take Care Darling. Instead of granting wishes I empower people by recapturing the magic in their life. However, if I had to choose the BEST Fairy Godmother for your business, book, press, and much more… it would be Denise O’Brien. I had the pleasure of working with her behind the scenes of DOME Consulting/Entertainment. The clients received the best care and attention that ultimately helped them be successful sooner than they expected. I’ve never seen anyone balance so many various tasks from red carpets to future global benefits to creating strong women and most importantly being a mother. Denise O’Brien is a businesswoman that is led to serve others. It’s difficult to toot your own horn when you have something special to share with the world. That’s why you need Denise on your team.

Vanessa Romano
IT Systems Analyst at American Honda, Manhattan Beach, California


Denise is extremely hard working, professional, driven, and committed. She has a passion for her work and her work almost always involves helping others and improving the quality of life of those around her. I would work with Denise on any business venture and I know she will be successful at whatever she commits herself to.

Linda Santoro
Actress, Hollywood, California


Denise is an extraordinary friend. Denise is loved. Denise is special. She has very special gifts that I am not sure she is even aware of. Denise is the miracle I have been praying for. I’m so grateful beyond words to have her in my life. When I count my blessings, Denise is at the top of my list. Awesome. Beautiful. Wise. Brilliant. Her light changes the world. I am very grateful to have her in my life.

Samantha Sweetwater
Malibu, California
Executive Coach, Regenerative Leadership Trainer, The Sacred Tool Box –
Evolutionary Leadership & Lovership for our Shared Future


It’s been my honor to get to know Denise and to work with her. She is a force of nature. I look forward to any future intersections of work, life and co-creation.

Andrea Berry
Publisher of eCREATIVE Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia


I had been watching Denise O’Brien’s work on social media for a while before I talked with her for a feature article in the December 2015 issue of eCREATIVE Magazine. Denise is a creative, caring, and detail-oriented communications professional who goes the extra mile to create the best possible promotions for her clients. She is a joy to work with because she values the input of true collaboration. I can’t wait to work with Denise again!

Judy Lynn Shields
Los Angeles, California
Loyola Marymount University Alumna
Senior Paralegal at Judy Lynn Shields Paralegal Services


I have known Denise O’Brien since our earliest days at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. We met around our first week of school. I have seen her career blossom in the years since, from becoming Miss Santa Monica, and then becoming a top-selling sales person with Mary Kay, and most recently with her work with Wings of Love and DOME Consulting. It seems everything she touches turns to gold. She is blessed with excellent writing skills, the ability to work very hard, and certainly excels at networking. She also has a beautiful speaking voice. Her talents are well served with radio. I am not surprised in the least by her recently being awarded Publicist of the Year Award. I was very happy to see the beautiful photos from the event. I wish her much good luck in the years ahead.

Peter Crisp
Teaches Western Business Concepts to the Chinese, Shanghai City, China


Denise is a high energy person with great leadership abilities. Great to have on your team or leading your group. Focused powerful and dynamic. AWESOME.

Frank Fitzpatrick
Filmmaker, Former Founder, Director at Earthtones, Santa Monica, California


It seems we walk many of the same paths. I was moved by your daughter’s story and commend you on the work you are doing in the world. Here is a link to some info on the last film I did in China – Amazing. I would love to re-connect on that front, among others. My partner and director is head of the Shanghai Film Academy and New Media Center…Let’s see how we can connect to illuminate and amplify our collective visions.

Thank you for your interest in California Safari!

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